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Lesson plans ideas

Worksheets & resources

Search out worksheets & other resources based on the new Qatari Curriculum standards. Start searching

Lesson plans ideas

Best-Practice Lesson Plans

I share with you a collection of lesson plans with their resources. Feel free to download the material and use it in your class Download Page

Useful Links

Useful websites

I suggest you look at this list of websites that may allow you to create interactive content that can be easily integrated into your lessons. Read more

Formative Assessment

Assessment Tools

Some tools that can be of use in different satges of a lesson in order to assess teaching & learning goals. Read more

Retina Graphics

Online Games

Here you will find a collection of websites providing for engaging games that you could use in the different lesson stages. Read more

Responsive Layout

PD & Workshop Material

You have a bunch of presentations and referential articles to gain more knowledge about topics related to teaching & learning. Read more